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About us

ilustračný obrázok 2020 – en

FERODOM Ltd. was established at the end of the year 2000 as a family enterprise. Selected ware, such as fastening materials and anchor techniques, are the logical culmination of the company founder`s effort to make use of his vast experience and knowledge in the area of mechanical fastening of steel and other materials by means of threaded or threadless fastening elements, like screws, nuts, washers, rivets, anchors, etc.

The company's acti­vities gradually heightened in scope to include joining elements which found far greater utilities.

Business Strategy:

Access to national and international producers and distributors for mechanical joints elements allows the company to offer customers optimal solutions to their needs. This wide net of collaborators presents a simbiosis of cost and quality based on modern techniques of logistics and assembly.

An experienced team of specialists in collaboration with renowned scientific institutions is ready to offer customers technical know how for the design of their productions which include bolted fasterners.

We are ready to help our customers in their choice of rational methods of assembly together with quality fastener materials. These two offerings of design and quality materials constitute the pillars of our company's business strategy.

Ferodom Ltd. publishes not only classical catalogues of fastening elements, but also specific publications concerning contemporary theories of modern techniques of joining mechanisms.

„Just the Best“ – Ferodom's Phi­losophy

In today's world, it is simply not enough to deliver tons of hardware just in time. We deliver solutions not only hardware, and that solution is Just the Best. Customers gladly delegate the design of bolted nessecities to others so that they can concentrate on the enhancement of their own products.

Our system Just the Best signifies a radical change of perspective from quantity to quality. With a higher level of collaboration already active in the customers' design for constructed parts with fastener elements, we transfer to customers total „know how“ for which they pay in the hardest currency in the world – TRUST!

Jozef Dominik


certificate EN ISO 9001:2008 – 2015


New Year's Speech

new year‘s speech 2020 – en

Dear colleagues, dear business partners, associates and supporters of FERODOM.

When the old year is alternating the new one it is always an event that can thrill a sensitive soul and sound the strings of a magical musical instrument to hear a hymn in honor of the New Year. Naturally, everyone sings their own song but the most beautiful one is the chant of the experienced choir without any false tones. Let's ask a question. Why isn’t it possible in everyday life, within the families, at work or in other groups? Why can't we stick together, live together and be without the quarrels? After all, human life is too short to be destroyed by hatred, greed, addiction and intolerance.

Dear friends, perhaps coincidence, perhaps intent has caused that we work in an area where the word ‚join‘ has not only a pragmatic but also a symbolic meaning.

In the spirit of this word, let us wish together while entering the New Year that it will be full of compassion, of love that surpasses hatred, of understanding and of tolerance that becomes the part of our everyday life. Let us unite into one massive choral chant! Let us hear the bells of happiness! Let the sound of beautiful melody spread into all sides! Let it sound really miraculous! Let us say:


not only in the Highlands, but also on Earth, in our beautiful beloved Slovakia.

Let me heartily wish to all of you, to our customers and suppliers, co-workers and colleagues, family members, friends and relatives:

Happy and successful New Year 2020!

Jozef Dominik
Ferodom, s. r. o. Žilina


Ferodom joints 2020 – en

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